This page is for prompted writing that I did this year.

Here is a piece about Online Safety back in October:

Online Safety

Lots of people today use the internet, but there are a couple of bad things out there, so be careful! When you’re online, use Digital Etiquette, and beware of Cyber bullies. Also, be careful of what ads and links you click on, they may lead you to entering personal information and sending you Emails that you don’t want!

You can use Digital Etiquette to be polite online. Digital Etiquette is also known as Netiquette. Netiquette is rules for how to behave online. You should always use it in chat rooms, online games, texts and things like FaceBook, or Instagram. Some people know how to be polite online, but as soon as they hit that Log-In button they forget how to act, and say rude or inappropriate things. When you’re typing something don’t use all caps, it indicates that you are yelling (if you accidently use all Caps apologize and say that you didn’t mean to yell). Also don’t call people names, it just isn’t polite. If 2 people are fighting (name calling,yelling) it may cause a Flamewar. Flamewars are caused when 2 people fight then other people get involved and start fighting each other. Some people actually try to cause Flamewars,they’re called Trolls. Try to avoid the Trolls they just want to start a fight. Trolls think they’re hidden behind a screen name and think they can do anything they want, but they really aren’t, and actually can’t do anything except make Flamewars. When you’re talking to someone online try not to use abbreviations all the time,it may be O.K. with friends, but it may confuse someone else. Also, don’t post anything you don’t want someone to see, once you post something on the internet you can’t take it back, so don’t post something you don’t want anyone to see and if you wanna post a picture of a friend, let them know before you do,and ask permission if you can.

Cyberbullying is bullying online. It can be done through texts, chatrooms, online games, and other places on the internet.Some people cyber bully people to make themselves feel good, or to get a reaction, so try not to react to the bully. Even though the words are hurtful
, don’t let the bully get to you. Cyber bullying can cause a victim to have, depression, low self-esteem, and things like nausea,and headaches. Most people don’t realize that they are being hurtful. Also when online, don’t share personal information with someone you don’t know, don’t even share it with your online friend(s), people could use it against you. Some ways to avoid or deal with a cyber bully are: Take a screenshot of the bullying, try to include the bullies username in the screenshot or write it down. Block the user that is bullying you and don’t open messages from them. Tell an adult you trust about the situation. When you are online, try to treat others the way YOU want to be treated, just like you would in real life, people might respect you a little more.

When you are online do NOT click on random links or ads.It could lead you to a scam,that scam will probably ask for your personal information.Just like in real life,you wouldn’t share you personal information with some random person.When you click on links or ads,think about who will be getting your information,they could use it to buy things with your money,or try to take your identity.Some scammers may just ask you for your Email so they can send you un-wanted Spam.Spam is un-wanted messages to take up space in your Email.There are also scammers that use Malware.Malware is something that a scammer may use to track sites that you use and sends the site to advertizers.I once saw an ad that said “Click here! You are the 1,000 person to see this ad! Click here for a free Ipad!”
If you want to avoid scams you can get anti-spyware for your computer or laptop,even though it costs money.

When I’m online I use Digital Etiquette, I don’t Cyber Bully and stay away from bullies, and I have NEVER clicked on an ad. I know being online is fun, but always be nice to others, meaning, use Digital Etiquette and don’t Cyber bully, and always be aware of what scammers can do. Now, go be safe online!