This is my page that I use to showcase my writing.

Here is a story I wrote about two boys finding a lost dog:

One cloudy and windy afternoon, 12 year old twins, Carlos and Timmy, were heading home from school. They were unaware that they would help someone today.

“We better get moving,” Timmy said. “those clouds and this wind mean no good,”

Carlos agreed with his brother, and they started to walk home. They were half way home when they heard loud barking. The two boys didn’t know where the sound was coming from at first, but then they noticed a big Golden Retriever bouncing towards them.

“Look! A lost dog!” Carlos exclaimed.

When the dog reached them, he sat down.“What should we do with him?” asked Timmy.

“Well… let’s see if he has a collar,” Carlos extended his arm out to the dog. The dog hesitated, but sniffed the outstretched arm. Carlos reached under the dog’s head, to see if he had a collar. “Nope,” he said.

“Should we see if we can find his owner? Or should we bring him to the vet first?” Timmy looked at the big dog, and patted its head.

“How about we see if we can find who he belongs to first, and if we can’t, then we can take him to the vet.” Carlos said. “There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him. He looks healthy, and he seems to be clean.”

Timmy agreed with what his twin said, and off they went.

They were in a neighborhood with about 20 houses. When the reached the 8th house, they stopped, and Timmy’s cell phone rang. He answered to hear his mom’s nagging voice.

“Where are you two!?” demanded their mom. “You are half an hour late for dinner! If you don’t get here soon I’m gonna-”

Timmy cut her off, “We found a lost dog, and we have been trying to find who it belongs to.”

“Oh,” Their mom suddenly seemed slightly sympathetic, “then make sure that you’re home by six, if not, you’re grounded!”

Timmy hung up and sighed. “Let’s hurry,” Timmy looked to the sky.

They were almost out of time, and only had 4 more houses left. Timmy rang the doorbell to the 16th house. A young lady opened the door. Her face looked worried and she appeared to have busy.

“Hi, have you lost a Golden Retriever recently?” Timmy asked. Carlos was standing behind him with the lost dog.

“Yes, yes I have! Have you found him?” the lady’s voice seemed nice, yet tired and upset at the same time.

“Right here!” Carlos brought the dog onto the porch.

“Oh thank goodness!” The lady said. “Joey always manages to slip out of his collar,”

“We’re glad we could help get your dog back ma’am,” Timmy said.

“Thank you so much! By the way, my name is Noel, and you are?”

“My name is Timmy,”

“And I’m Carlos,” Carlos patted Joey, then moved him next to Noel.

Noel watched as Joey walked into the house to lay down. She closed the door, but not before saying thank you again. As they were standing on the porch, Timmy looked at his watch, then to Carlos. “We better be heading home.” He said.

“Yeah.” Carlos looked at the closed door to Noel’s house. “Hopefully she doesn’t loose Joey again,”

While the boys walked home it began to rain, and by the time they arrived at their house, the rain was harshly pouring down. Timmy looked at the time, 5:57. “Just in the nick of time,” He said.